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I solve problems with data and code.

I work at Comtravo where I design and build machine learning projects.


I co-created and teached Data Science with Python and Computer Science courses for non profit organizations FrauenLoop and Future Legends Berlin. Now I help aspiring data-enthusiasts of various backgrounds find the way to their Data Science career.



Data Science workflow is an ongoing cycle of identifying problems, gathering and wrangling data, designing and building solutions, and communicating the results. This is how I work.


Along with mentoring I also write articles about data and code that are accessible in the Writing section of the website, and create Self-learning Guides which you can find in the Guides section below.




Machine Learning Engineer 2018 – Present

Designing and developing data-driven solutions for the core machine learning product - NLP Travel Assistance System. Working with unstructured text data and extending functionalities of the NLP system.

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Data Scientist 2017 – 2018

Designed and built data processing and feature engineering pipelines, as well as developed supervised and unsupervised machine learning models for predictive modeling that are used in production system for the price prediction platform. Performed exploratory and ad-hoc Data Analyses and communicated intermediate and final results to the business side.

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Marketing Intern 2016 - 2017

Helped manage digital marketing campaigns, analysed Google Analytics data and proposed solutions to the business problems.

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As we belive that almost everything can be learned online and should be accessible to a large public, we are happy to offer you a collection of Data Professional Self-learning Paths. These guides sum up two years of personal experiences of learning Data Science from scratch and provide a budget result-oriented alternative to expensive certified online courses.

The structure of the courses is organised in such a way, that the material can be succesfully absorbed by students with any backgrounds. As long as you are excited about your career in Data and motivated to study until achieving your goals, then this Self-Learning Path is for you.

The courses listed below are not a 5000$+ bootcamps promising 10-weeks crash course of 5 years programs. They don't promise a job either. But what they do offer is a dive-in into skills you need to succeed in your future Data career.

Simply give it a try and you will see that you don't need to buy expensive bootcamps and online courses to start your career in Data.

Every course includes:

  • roadmaps and milestones
  • timeframes for covering each topic
  • hand-picked and personally tested 100% free online resources
  • guide for publishing your portfolio
  • motivational self-help kit

    ... and more useful materials for becoming self-taught Data Professional.